An Alaskan Season to Remember: Starboard and Onboard Media Raise the Sails of Cultural Offerings and Local Engagement

Committed To Sustainability, Cultural Preservation, And Economic Empowerment, Authentic Alaskan Essence is Brought to Life Through Conscious Retail
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Video Caption: Onboard Media’s new Alaska Programming highlights the destination’s unique local offerings and authenticity.


MIAMI (September 07, 2023)Starboard Cruise Services and Onboard Media, sister companies under LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, celebrate a cruising season marked by exceptional cultural enrichment and community support. Building on Onboard Media’s successful 2022 first-at-sea initiative with various Alaskan organizations, Starboard placed a spotlight on bolstering the local economy and culture through curated, Alaskan-made mementos and vital partnerships with resident artisans across multiple cruise line partners.

“Onboard Media’s groundwork paved the path for our successful joint venture to preserve Alaska’s heritage and invigorate trade through bespoke retail programs,” says Lisa Bauer, President and CEO of Starboard Cruise Services. “This initiative emphasizes the significant value we create for not only our cruise partners and guests but also port communities.”

Onboard Media spotlighted local businesses and the destination’s unique offerings for its cruise partners through a diverse range of multimedia programming touchpoints. Adding an extra layer of authenticity to the cruise vacation, Starboard elevated onboard offerings by procuring artisanal products onboard its various cruise line partners.

“Our informative and engaging touchpoints, coupled with Starboard’s assortments, made a meaningful impact on the Alaskan economy. This cruising season was a testament to the remarkable synergy between Starboard and Onboard Media and how seamlessly our offerings intertwine and enhance one another,” said Jeffrey Meister, General Manager of Onboard Media.


Alaskan Essence
With categories such as jewelry, gifts, books, food items, and body care, guests were treated to an immersive encounter with craftsmanship and tradition through Starboard’s meticulously curated selection of regional products. Exclusive offerings from first-at-sea brands, Chugach Chocolates and Prince William Sound Salt Co., showcased ingredients sourced nearby, providing an edible journey into the heart of Alaska’s flavors. Beyond culinary delights, other sea debuts include Bering Sea Designs, signifying “The Spirit of Alaska,” offering distinctive pieces that pay homage to native crafts and Alaskan Reflections enriching the voyage with handmade souvenirs.


merchandise displays of Made in Alaska products.

Photo Caption: In-store merchandise displays of Made in Alaska products.


“We’re a small chocolate business utilizing local flavors in a state with one of the smallest populations, the largest in land area (more than twice the size of Texas), and challenging transportation. Having our products on [cruise] ships to all reaches of the state [has been] crucially important,” said Ryan Wiswesser, CEO of Chugach Chocolates.

Crafting an immersive experience that thoughtfully engaged every sense, guests were captivated by the region’s breathtaking nature and wildlife captured by Mark Kelley’s photography. Simultaneously, their taste buds were tantalized by Alaska Seafood Company, Inc.’s wild caught, sustainable delicacies and the natural scents of Denali Soaps creatively encapsulated the spirit of the land.

As the season comes to an end, the collaboration between Starboard and Onboard Media serves as a quintessential partnership, showcasing respect to local customs, while improving guest experiences, and boosting a region’s economy.

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