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Who is Starboard?

The World’s Greatest
Cruise Ships
Starboard is the official retailer on nearly 100 of the top cruise ships around the world
Diamonds, Watches and Lipsticks - Oh My!
What do we sell?
What don’t we sell?

Luxury jewelry and watches, top beauty brands, coveted liquors and unique branded merchandise can be found on our ships
Retail Innovation Backed by Luxury Parent
We don’t like to brag, but our dad is kind of a big deal. Starboard is part of the world’s leading luxury conglomerate, LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton

We are the largest global retailer you probably haven’t heard of. We deliver millions of moments of discovery and delight aboard some of the world’s finest cruise ships. Leading travel brands trust us to run their retail operations for their most valuable asset – their millions of cruise guests. We have the pleasure of inspiring, enriching and connecting travelers, encouraging them to indulge in a memory.

why starboard? The Benefits
It’s Far More than a Paycheck
why starboard? Our People
We Have the Best at Sea and on Land
why starboard? The Work
Come Aboard as We Transform Retail at Sea

The world of work is changing every day. It used to be about finding a forever career, a stable pension and the same place to go every day. Today it’s about finding a place that makes you WANT to go to work every day, a place that helps you evolve into the person you were meant to become. A place where you get to be the author (and director) of your own story.

Our People

Whether you are onboard our ships or in one of our global offices, you will work with people with a shared passion for making our guests have the experience of a lifetime. Shops onboard cruise ships are not the same as a store on the high street or in the shopping center. We are in the middle of someone’s family memories, of their romantic holiday, of their bachelor party. So retail, too, must be a memory. We provide fun, discovery and inspiration to thousands of people every day aboard our ships.

It might look like introducing someone to their new favorite cocktail at a VIP tasting event. Or teaching a room full of people about the art and science of jewelry creation and then selecting just the right piece for a single guest. Or introducing her to the new fragrance that is about to become her signature.

Is this the right place for you?

  • Do you love to connect people? To connect with people?
  • When you learn something new or find a new product, do you share it with everyone you know?
  • Are you up for adventure?
  • Do you get excited about trying something new?
  • Do you see challenges as opportunities to show just how good you really are?

If so, we would love to meet you. Apply Now or read below to learn a little bit about some of our people.

Want to know if you are Starboard material? These are the 6 characteristics that define a Star.

The Work

When the rubber hits the road (or the hull hits the ocean), what is it exactly that you will be doing? How is this different from a typical role in a retail store? How do our global corporate offices support our shipboard teams? How are we changing the face of travel retail?


Part expert, part influencer, part entrepreneur. You may represent one of the world’s most luxurious brands. Or you might be the expert on the origins of bourbon or scotch. You will bring unique retail experiences to thousands of guests around the world, becoming part of their memories during their most important family moments.

A Day in the Life: Jewelry Manager
8 AM

Wake up and enjoy a healthy breakfast

10 AM

Help open the shops for a busy day, leading a kickoff meeting to inspire the team

2 PM

Lead a small seminar on the origins of conflict-free gemstones

4 PM

Take a nice break, stop by the gym and indulge in a cappuccino

6 PM

Back in the shops to kick off our exclusive fine jewelry unveiling with dozens of guests

8 PM

Close your biggest sale of the cruise, a special anniversary gift for a frequent cruiser

A Day in the Life: Swiss Timepieces Specialist
9 AM

Wake up and sneak in a quick swim before the day starts

11 AM

Conduct a 1:1 consultation with a guest searching for a new piece

1 PM

Find yourself doing an impromptu class on watchmaking for a few interested guests

6 PM

Dinner break and a coffee in the café

7 PM

Take advantage of the evening show time to reset the cases

8 PM

Partner with the jewelry team to host a diamond party


Historically, travel retail was a “tax and duty free-value” story only. Guests could get better deals onboard ships. Today consumer's expectations are changing. No one needs more stuff - but they are actively seeking memories and experiences. That's where our corporate teams come in to create a guest-centric offering and provide the tools our shipboard teams need to deliver.

A Day in the Life: Beauty Merchandising Manager
9 AM

Team meeting to check in on key projects, upcoming initiatives

11 AM

Brand presentation where you get to select the next skincare products launching next year

12 PM

Lunch next door at Doral CityPlace where you can take a breath

2 PM

Internal meeting to discuss a new ship concept; you are bringing ideas for digital experiences

3 PM

Pull sales numbers for the previous week in Asia, to send to your boss and the Hong Kong team

5 PM

Complete analysis on performance of the fragrance category that will be presented the following week

The Benefits

It’s not just about the money (but that’s nice too). Our teams onboard and on land have the opportunity to earn competitive pay, have world-class benefits and make a difference for themselves and their families.

Competitive Pay
We consistently evaluate industry norms to ensure our teams are well compensated
We take a holistic view of the employee, incorporating health, wellness, balance to provide support and resources.
Medical, dental, wellness plans available for Careers on Land
On-Ship Care provided for Careers at Sea
Employee Discounts
Onboard discounts when sailing; periodic access to additional LVMH brand deals.
Global Travel
Teams at sea can see many parts of the world during the course of their careers
Land teams often get to see our work in the field
Giving Back
On land and at sea, we are committed to supporting the community. Hand in Hand for Haiti, hurricane relief and local shelters are among our corporate causes
Transparency in Coverage

This link leads to the machine-readable files that are made available in response to the federal Transparency in Coverage Rule and includes negotiated service rates and out-of-network allowed amounts between health plans and healthcare providers. The machine readable files are formatted to allow researchers, regulators, and application developers to more easily access and analyze data.

Apply Now

Few companies in the world offer the exciting, transformative career opportunities you find at Starboard. Fancy yourself a life on the seas where you represent leading brands, see the world and work with amazing people? Or perhaps you want to be part of the team transforming travel retail, dreaming up and operationalizing amazing programs and experiences for our teams at sea?

Ready to apply? Pick your path – a Career at Sea or a Career on Land – and click ‘Get Started’ to find the role that could take you on your next adventure.

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