Who is Starboard Cruise Services, Inc. and what types of positions are offered onboard?

Starboard Cruise Services is the worlds largest and leading duty free retailer onboard over 90 cruise ships worldwide. We offer career opportunities that begin with sales associate positions. Associates who demonstrate excellent performance and outstanding leadership skills may progress and be considered for shop management opportunities.


What is Starboard's affiliation with the cruise lines?

We are a revenue partner, which means we lease the shop space onboard, staff the retail sales teams and supply the merchandise that is presented and sold.


What qualifications are required to join the onboard retail sales team?

For our sales associate position, we prefer 2 years retail sales and merchandising experience. Hospitality and customer service experience may also be considered. Specialty selling experience in fine jewelry, watches, cosmetics and fragrances, visual merchandising, and promotional skills are a definite plus. Applicants must be high-energy sales and customer service-oriented individuals.


What are the hiring requirements for working onboard?

  • A valid passport for at least two years.
  • Ability to obtain any required visa per itinerary/cruise line requirements. An employment letter will be provided by Starboard.
  • Successfully pass a thorough medical exam and background screening. The paperwork explaining these requirements will be presented to you once you have been offered employment.


Will I be allowed to choose the cruise line and ship of my choice?

Newly hired employees are assigned to open positions based on qualifications and business needs.


How do I get to my first ship assignment?

Newly hired employees must book and purchase a one-way ticket to their first ship assignment. 


How long is the onboard employment contract?

Standard Starboard contracts are for six months, with 6 to 8 weeks of time off. Additional contracts are offered to individuals who exemplify high standards in performance results.


How many hours per week will I be required to work?

Depending on the ship's itinerary, employee work hours may vary, but can be up to 14 hours per day. Each employee is expected to work while the ship is at sea as well as working during some port time.


Are there opportunities for advancement?

Starboard strongly believes in career development; therefore, we promote from within whenever possible. This provides employees with a high level of dedication and motivates them to provide the best service to our customers. To assist us in identifying promotable employees, we regularly conduct talent assessments, where employee performance is evaluated. Career advancement within the organization is made possible through a combination of high employee performance, potential, and desire to grow.


How will I be paid while onboard?

Each onboard employee's salary and commission are paid bi-weekly.


Once employed, will I have to pay taxes while working onboard?

Citizens of the United States as well as U.S. Alien Residents will be required by IRS regulations to have Federal taxes deducted from onboard earnings. Employees who are citizens of all other countries should abide by the tax laws governed by the country of their passport.


Do you provide room, board and meals?

Through our cruise line partners, we provide accommodations for our onboard employees that are shared in crew quarters with one other person of the same sex. (Keep in mind, crew quarters are not as spacious as guest quarters.) Meals are also provided.


Do you provide uniforms?

Uniforms are offered at a reduced cost. Employees are encouraged to bring comfortable, rubber sole shoes for work. We support a dress code standard that may vary from cruise line to cruise line. These dress standards also apply to “off time” when employees access the guest areas in addition to attending onboard events. These dress code expectations enable our employees to remain consistent with our cruise line partners' standards and presentation commitment to our guests.


Can I send mail home?

Yes, in most major ports of call you will find a seaman’s center that provides the convenience of postal services for your personal needs.


Can I call home?

Yes, crew calling stations are easy accessible in most major ports and do offer discounted crew rates for all telephone calls.


Are there laundry facilities onboard?

Yes, there are crew laundry areas. In addition, most cruise lines offer dry cleaning services to employees.


Is there a gym onboard?

Most major cruise lines offer crew facilities. Some also allow staff members to use guest facilities within restricted time frames.


What are some of the policies, rules and regulations of the ship that I need to be aware of?

All crewmembers are expected to follow the "Ship's Rules and Regulations" as well as those outlined in our employee contract. Each employee is expected to participate in weekly Safety and Lifeboat Drills. Failure to comply with the rules and regulations may be grounds for immediate termination. Because we uphold the standards of a safe and drug-free environment, there is also zero tolerance for the use or sale of drugs or narcotics. In some cases, our cruise line partners may conduct random drug screenings.


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